What Are the Benefits of a Clear Light Sauna?

What Are the Benefits of a Clear Light Sauna?

What Are the Benefits of a Clear Light Sauna?

What Are the Benefits of a Clear Light Sauna?

Saunas have profound health benefits. While in the sauna, the skin temperature rises, allowing the body to sweat profusely for a brief period. This helps relieve sore muscles and improve your well-being. However, the rising pulse rate may not be safe for some people. It is dangerous for people with high blood pressure or heart disease. To be safe, check with a doctor before taking a sauna.

What Is Clearlight Sauna®?

This is not the traditional kind of sauna but the infrared type. Infrared saunas provide the benefits of traditional saunas without the conventional heat. These saunas are different from other saunas since they produce the same heat as that of the sun. 

They use infrared lamps that emit electromagnetic radiation to heat the body directly. Infrared heat penetrates deeper than the traditional warmed air. It also creates a more intense sweat at a lower temperature.

This means that the heat in an infrared sauna is lower than in traditional saunas. This makes the environment in the sauna more tolerable. When the environment is more tolerable, you can stay in the sauna longer.

Benefits of Clearlight

The benefits here are like those of the traditional sauna. However, the effects are more intense. These include:


  • Increased Metabolism and Weight Loss

As you enjoy the sauna, your body is hard at work. The pulse rate jumps by nearly 30 percent. This allows the heart to almost double the amount of blood it is pumping. Your body metabolism increases and burns calories, helping you to lose weight.


  • Boosting Your Immune System

Deep heating raises your core body temperature. This induces an artificial fever. Fever is the body’s natural mechanism to accelerate and strengthen your immune response. 


  • Muscle Pain Relief

The increase in blood circulation helps oxygen-rich blood to reach oxygen-depleted muscles faster. This allows them to heal faster. The deep warming of the body also helps muscles relax. This increases their flexibility and motion.


  • Eases Joint Stiffness and Pain

The deep heating of the body gives great relief to patients with arthritis. It is also effective in the treatment of sprains and muscle spasms. Much of the stiffness, soreness, and aches that come with aging are also reduced.

  • Reduces Stress and Fatigue

Saunas will rejuvenate, relax, and leave you feeling like a new person. They are a great way to release tension and stress. When you get a Clearlight Sauna® experience, you will keep looking forward to another one.


  • Helps With Detoxification

The increase in the amount of blood pumping in your body stimulates the sweat glands. This releases toxins from the body. The removal of toxins and waste, together with the boost to the immune system, increases overall health. It also increases your disease resistance. 


  • Improves Skin

The deep sweating removes impurities and dead skin. This deeply cleans your skin and draws nutrients to the surface, leaving it glowing. Open wounds heal quickly, scars reduce, and skin tone improves.

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