Benefits of Joovv Red Light Therapy

Benefits of Joovv Red Light Therapy

Benefits of Joovv Red Light Therapy

Benefits of Joovv Red Light Therapy

Joovv red light therapy utilizes the natural healing power of red and near-infrared wavelengths of light, focusing them on specific areas of your body that have sustained damage or trauma, to help you recover more quickly. Red light therapy techniques also go by some other names, including low-level light therapy (LLLT), soft laser therapy, and cold laser therapy. However, they all refer to the same thing. When red and near-infrared light is targeted at the body, the light is absorbed by the surface tissues and cells. Near-infrared light has a slightly longer wavelength so penetrates more deeply than red light. The process is painless, though some patients may experience a pleasant warmth in the targeted area. When the red light is absorbed, it creates a biochemical effect that strengthens the energy-making ability of the cells, and with more energy, they can rejuvenate themselves more quickly and effectively.


Benefits of Joovv Red Light Therapy


There are a variety of benefits associated with regular sessions of Joovv red light therapy, which can be used to treat a huge variety of different injuries and conditions. Some of the most common including the following:

  • Improved wound healing and tissue repair, helping you to recover more quickly and efficiently from an injury or trauma. This makes it particularly important for athletes, for whom injury from regularly pushing their body to the limit is common.  

  •  Joovv red light therapy can also be performed following sporting activities to help patient’s bodies to recover after a workout.

  •  Red light therapy can help to stimulate hair growth, particularly in people who have been diagnosed with androgenic alopecia.

  • There is evidence to show that regular sessions of Joovv red light therapy can help with short-term pain relief in people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other similar conditions

  •  Joovv red light therapy stimulates the production of collagen to create skin that is firmer, with improved complexion, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

  • Red light therapy can help to reduce inflammation experienced either as a result of an autoimmune condition or as the result of an accident.

  •  Joovv treatments can help to reduce psoriasis lesions, scarring, and improve other skin conditions including cellulite.

  • Regular sessions during winter can help patients to overcome seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

  •  Joovv red light treatment can help to regulate your circadian rhythm, which is your sleep-wake cycle. This could lead to you experiencing better sleep, and reaping the benefits of this, such as better mood, greater mental clarity, and higher energy levels.

  • There is no damage to the surface of the skin as the laser is non-ablative. Instead, only internal structures are targeted for healing.

  • Treatment is painless and unlimited access is included in our Athlete Recovery Lounge membership.


Exactly how many sessions of Joovv red light therapy you will need will depend on your reasons for undergoing the treatment and how well your body responds to it. Our team may be able to give you an indication at your initial consultation, but this will be subject to review.


Find out more about Joovv red light therapy, contact Athlete Recovery Lounge by Sports Performance and Spine in Pittsburgh, PA at (412) 723-2735.

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